A holistic approach based on science

I blend evidence-based practices in my approach. The result is a combination of sleep science and chronobiology with Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT), Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT), and mindfulness. In this post I explain what they are about.

CFT is a behavioural evidence-based practice. It builds on evolutionary psychology, the neuroscience of emotions and Buddhist psychology. CFT is founded on the principle that human evolution, potential, and the mechanisms of the brain are strongly linked to our human capacity for compassion. Consequently, CFT helps you change the way you respond to your emotions by learning to understand them and respond to them caringly.

ACT is an empirically supported form of psychotherapy. It’s also a behavioural change method helping you co-exist with difficult thoughts and feelings. ACT teaches you how to shift your ‘psychological lens’ to a more objective lens. Rather than struggling to change unwanted thoughts, you learn how to allow them to be there without interacting with them. t’s a bit like hosting a party where an unwanted guest shows up. You either get focused on getting rid of them OR you allow them to be there and focus on the rest of your party. It’s the latter choice that enable you to take helpful action which is meaningful in the long-term.

Mindfulness means intentionally and non-judgementally observing the moment. As it is but not as you want it to be. That’s why mindfulness also characterised by flexibility and equanimity. That means letting go of expectations and emotional centeredness. Together, these help you to cultivate a mindful stance. And by taking a mindful stance to your experience stress- or sleep-related arousal can slowly go down.

My closing thoughts: I believe that there is no one, single method that alone improves sleep. No matter how scientific it is. Therefore, I believe that by integrating different, complimentary techniques and approaches you create synergy. That’s what underlies the holistic approach. And that’s what ultimately enables change. So that you can sleep well and feel good.

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Dr Kat