Struggling to sleep? Somnia is here to help.

Often, we get stuck in a spiral of anxiety and guilt about not sleeping, and about how terrible we will feel and perform the next day. Sometimes, the fear of dealing with the next day without having had a good night’s sleep is worse than the frustration of being awake at night. Once you get caught up in a cycle of unhelpful thoughts, you put yourself into an alert state that makes it even harder to sleep. Your mind races, your heart pounds, and anxiety piles upon anxiety.

– Dr Kat

If you experience regular sleeplessness, you may be suffering from insomnia. This might manifest with problems falling or staying asleep through the night, waking up much too early, or simply not feeling refreshed after a night’s sleep. All these are classic features of insomnia.

However, just because insomnia happens at night does not mean that the reasons behind it are not to be found in your waking hours.

I listen attentively to your specific situation to ensure that I tailor a sleep plan that fits your needs. My holistic approach will teach you a few simple tools designed to help improve your sleep.

My aim is to stop you from fighting with yourself about being awake, so that you can recover the energy and mental space you need to do the things you enjoy.

The first step towards better sleep is to feel that your problem is clearly understood and that your struggle is recognised.

– Dr. Kat

Take your first step towards sleeping well today.

Your work, family, social, and personal life can all be reinvigorated with the strength you gain from the refreshing benefits of sleeping well.

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