Helping leaders and teams to sleep better for the benefit of the organisation as a whole.  

Any organisation, regardless of its size, is dependent on the individuals that form it.

If we want the people working for us to flourish, we must look after their needs: ensuring that our work environment, employee benefits, and support structures, are all carefully designed to support a happy and productive organisational culture.

Unfortunately, fatigue and sleep issues are often neglected when considering employee wellbeing. And yet, sleep problems not only dramatically affect employee productivity, they can have a negative impact that permeates every aspect of a business’ community.

For many employees, sleep problems are caused by anxiety and stress about performing well in the workplace. Organisations that address sleep and fatigue issues among their workforce – collaboratively and effectively – stand to reap great rewards.

I have worked extensively with national and international commercial businesses, not-for-profit organisations, schools, and universities, to educate people about the value of healthy sleep and how to harness sleep’s benefits. I operate research projects, workshops, hackathons, and more, in which I teach people how to develop their sleep sense.