Sleep quality affects teamwork.

Increasingly, organisations are realising that good sleep is a cornerstone of staff wellbeing and productivity.

The negative impact of poor sleep on concentration, creativity, morale, and team dynamics is undeniable. But it also has a profound effect on mood and emotional wellbeing.

Making the mental health and wellbeing of your workforce a priority, will increase employee engagement and enrich your workplace culture.

Discover how looking after the sleep health of your workforce can positively affect your organisation.

 “I work in a very high pressure environment. Dr. Kat has helped me and my team understand why sleep is important if you want to maintain health and deliver an optimal performance in the workplace. After working with her, my team and I are more resilient, better at looking after ourselves, and more able to sustain performance over what can be intense, fast-paced projects. We’re all happier too!”

– Head of Strategy and Innovation
Big Radical