Sleep Offer

What is offered in sleep therapy

What is sleep therapy? 

Somnia takes a holistic, non-drug approach to insomnia and circadian rhythm (body clock) sleep problems. It combines proven sleep science with mindfulness and acceptance- and compassion-based therapies to improve the quality of your sleep.   


What does sleep therapy do? 

Sleep therapy helps you end your bedtime battles by understanding the biological and psychological factors at play. It gives you the knowledge and tools you need to sleep and feel well, whether you struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep or get enough sleep. It does this by helping you:  

  • Open up: Choosing to allow experiences in rather than block them out
  • Be aware: Noticing all your experiences, including your thoughts, feelings and memories in the present moment
  • Stay true: Actively pursuing the things that matter to you and that are in line with your values so that you feel truly happy and fulfilled


What to expect in a sleep therapy session?

Somnia sleep therapy sessions help you address insomnia and sleep-related issues using the Acceptance Commitment Therapy approach (see below). Together with Dr Kat, you’ll start to understand the factors impacting your sleep, identify where you can make changes and learn the strategies that will help you fall asleep, and stay asleep, more easily.

Unlock your personalised sleep plan with a stepwise approach.   

NB: Dr Kat takes a holistic approach to working with clients. Each session takes a wider view of the issues that may be impacting your life and sleep. Sessions are tailored to individual needs.  

First session
week 1, 55 minutes 

Getting to know you: We’ll talk about your sleep experiences and concerns. You’ll learn a little sleep science and discover new ways to approach your sleep problems. Together with Dr Kat, you’ll develop a personal sleep plan.  

Second session
week 2, 55 minutes  

Follow-up: We’ll review your sleep and how your sleep plan helps. You’ll learn more ways to manage the thoughts, feelings and sensations that show up when you can’t sleep and further customise your plan. 

“An open mind is usually all you need to improve sleep quality” says Dr. Kat.   

Third session
week 3, 55 minutes  

Final follow-up: We’ll discuss your sleep experiences since week 1. Together with Dr Kat, you’ll look at final ways to enhance your sleep plan. Further therapy sessions can follow.   

A single, on-off session is £125 – a package of 3 sessions as outlined above is £300.


How is Somnia sleep therapy different?

Somnia follows the Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach to insomnia and other sleep problems. This therapeutic style helps clients develop and maintain the skills to accept, rather than fight, the bodily discomforts commonly associated with not sleeping. In doing so, the body is more able to relax and calm the mind ready for sleep. You’ll also feel more energised during the day.

This may sound easier said than done. After all, when insomnia strikes it can be difficult to think rationally, let alone slow down a fast-beating heart. But by learning the proven methodologies that enable you to invite thoughts, feelings or physical sensations in (rather than fight experiences we have little or no control over), you’ll be able to make the behavioural changes that re-establish a positive link between sleep and bed. All you need is an open mind and a commitment to try the strategies that we know work.   

Ready to give it a go? Let’s talk.